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Monday, March 14, 2005

Podcast 2

Firstly, deepest apologies to you all for the lack of ... well anything for more than a month. The good news is that Show 2 (29:59) is now online ready and waiting for you to enjoy. As before, you can Download it and also check out the Shownotes then leave abusive (or positive, if you like) comments about Dominic Rieley and DJ Ripper.

Please note that Show 1 may be down for a short while, but hopefully it will be back up soon for those of you who didn't catch it yet.


Another good show guys. Good selection of tunes, bring the frenchman back........

Nice one once again, liked the french guy, sad to hear that he is missing! DJ Rippa is a right fella tho!

Good Show Guys. I like the variety of music you play. Keep it up!

sup dudes erm another well executed show. Should keep them coming. first heard a few bands i'm getting to like on here.

just checked out ur website its cool good to hear some unsigned bands. i really liked the any known answer song it rocked, went to their website and heard even more songs. they kick ass check em out

DJ rippper! he is a hoot!

Good show, get some more

Great show guys. I'm a first time podcaster. I had no clue this type of stuff existed. Keep up the work....look forward to future shows and wasting even more time at work than I already was doing before. cheers! josh

Great show guys, keep up the good work. York definitely needs a way of getting good unsigned music out there and I think you're playing a really important role in that... brilliant stuff! By the way is it just me or are the Tungsten Beanbags pretty darned good? John

c'mon where is no 3

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