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Friday, February 11, 2005

Podcast 1 - It's Here!

Oh yes, oh yes. The first ever York Independent Music Podcast is now available for your download and listening pleasure. It was produced by DJ's Dominic Rieley and Francoise LaVache and is 26:04 long. Download it and check out the Shownotes, then tell us what you think of the show by posting a comment.


The podcast was good, not entirely sure about hte fake frenchman but i'm sure he'll grow on me!

good to hear different genres represented as well!

awaiting the next one!

Good selection, good presentation. French/english guys are great! Liked the Stanleys the best and the dog guy was alright too. Good job York!

Hee hee like it! i reckon that "french" man is a grower loved the last track


hated the frenchman...

but loved the podcast, ace one.

remember the cambridge podcast started it all.. fourth show up now!

great idea, great execution! Will spread the word to bands i know!

I think the french man is like marmite you either love it or hate it......

.....sounds great, no2 please!!

Loved the show. Good to see many different types of music being played. Especially liked Jinx and Desdemona.
When will there be another.
P.S The French dude Rocks!

nice1 dave, liek it very much.

All the bands were very good, especially desdemona.


nice show guys great variety. hated the frenchman but he grew on me during the podcast. When the next?

Good show!
Another soon please!!

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