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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Falling into the collective

Look, look! we've joined up to the UK Independent Podcast Network check it out.


Welcome to York's first podcast. You might be wondering what a podcast is, and why York needs one, so read on.

A podcast is way to listen to music, somewhere between a radio broadcast and downloading mp3s from a band's website. In a podcast, you get the tracks with (helpful?) DJ comment sent to you as an mp3 format file which can be automatically downloaded onto your ipod/mp3 player or just onto your desktop and played as many times as you want. So the advantage over downloading from a band's website is that you can find out about new bands you have never heard and easily find out when and where they will be playing next. The advantage over radio broadcasting is that the show can be listened to as many times as you want, at any time and can be fast-forwarded, rewound and played again.

York's unsigned music scene suffers not from lack of talent, but from poor audience attendance. The main reason for this is that there are very few ways to find out about who is playing when and where and - more importantly - whether they are to the listener's taste. The York Podcast will solve this by providing a centralised music resource available to all with access to the internet. This podcast is not for a particular type of music - it is for all genres without exclusion, from MCs to Metal, Jazz to Jungle, Soul to Ska, Classical to Country. The aim is to have something for everyone. The only proviso is that the music is York music. Hopefully we will achieve a mixture of student and local artists that can be enjoyed by both students and non-students in York.

What needs to be done now?
Musicians - if would like to be featured on the debut program send in your music to
DJs - let me now at the above address if you would be interested in presenting a show.
Everyone - start telling all your friends (and even people you dislike but hold in a grudging respect) about the York Podcast and look forward to the first show.

This could really be a turning point in the way the people of York find out about the music they like and want to listen to, so let's make it happen!

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